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In 1989, the world was introduced to the Bobby Jones brand which embodied the modern country club lifestyle and was a celebration of Robert Tyre Jones, Jr.  Simple math will tell you that we are celebrating 35 years in 2024.  There are not many brands today that can or will be able to make that statement, so we take great pride in joining that small fraternity.  Fashion is a funny thing at times and rarely do you ever hear longevity and fashion in the same sentence….probably not on the same page.  More often, fashion fades but style endures.

There was a unique and broad appeal to Bobby Jones and he was a man with great personal style.  Alistair Cooke said “On both sides of the Atlantic, he was idolized and by people who knew no golf, for his God-given combination of flashing good looks, wry humor and unflagging modesty.  He became, and remained till the day of his death, the First Gentleman of golf.”  According to Herbert Warren Wind, “There was something about him – how he looked and spoke and acted – that communicated itself to non-golfers as well as to golfers, and also to people in all walks of life.”

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