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The trick to getting Ahead in today’s vast sea of retail is to cast a wide net in order to gather up all customers who enter your shop. Our alternative graphics and knack for pairing up the right ornamentation technique for each piece, satisfies customers of all ages and tastes. Bait your shoppers with Ahead’s great styling, modern fabrics, and on trend colors to keep those dollars from swimming away. Ahead has been successfully fishing in these waters for over 20 years… join us!


Farmers will tell you that the best tasting crops owe it to the water and soil. They discount, or perhaps don’t even realize, the know-how and work ethic that they inherited from those before them. The crew at Ahead is very similar. Hard work comes naturally to our staff as a result of the industries that their New Bedford ancestors pioneered. Today, the city’s thriving arts community helps to drive creativity within Ahead’s walls.

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